Your Immune System is incredible, It is made up of organs, special cells and substances that work together to protect you from most diseases and infections. Immune cells constantly travel around your body searching for those germs that can cause infection. One way you might think of your immune system is as a fortress. Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses are constantly trying to break into the fortress. But your immune system is on guard and constantly tries to fight off the invasion.

Now what’s really great about your immune system is that it keeps track of all the normal substances found in the body.

All the good stuff that should be there is kept on a sort of – immune database- within your body. As soon as a substance that the database does not recognize enters the body a silent alarm is triggered. This alarm immediately causes the immune system to fight back. Certain substances that can cause an alarm to trigger are called antigens. Your immune system’s response can destroy just about anything that contains an antigen such as germs, bacteria, viruses etc.

I am sure you will agree that your immune system is pretty cool and really a great system. However, as with most systems it could do with a little help to ensure that it continues to operate at maximum levels and can protect you from the constant attack of germs, bacteria and viruses that try to invade your body every day.


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