Why Effervescence

At EmunoAir™ our scientists, in cooperation with internationally recognised laboratories, have undertaken extensive research into the area of immune support. Particular attention has been applied to the areas of effectiveness and efficiency. It is for this reason that effervescent tablets were selected as a means for the delivery of our supplement.

Below is a small selection of the research that supports our method.

EmunoAir™ Effervescent Dosing Methodology.

EmunoAir TM Effervescent tablets are delivered in an interesting pharmaceutical dosage form, offering some unique advantages when compared with simple tablets. Oral dosage forms are the most popular way of taking medication.

Advantages of Emunoair™ effervescent tablets compared with other oral dosage forms include:

A more gentle action on the patient’s stomach;Improved dissolution and nutraceutical remedy or pharmaceutical absorption;Opportunity for an improved taste;Increased therapeutic response;

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