In 2012 a UK based scientist that had suffered with many illnesses over the years was diagnosed with a immune system disorder. This meant that he was at high risk from many viruses, and bacterial infections that would often attack his weakened immune system. Not willing to be defeated by the diagnosis, he set out to develop a Natural Immune Boosting Supplement that would help him fight illness. After a long collaboration with laboratories in the Czech Republic, USA and China, a select number of over 20 Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs and Amino Acids were selected and crafted into an energy boosting – immune supporting multi vitamin supplement.

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The scientific community now knows that effervescence causes active ingredients to work more effectively....Read More 


Effervescence is proven as increasing the adsorption of active ingredients by up to 10x that of normal tablets or solutions...Read More


Panax Notoginseng has the potentiating effect on improving energy metabolism by increasing cell supply and intake of glucose...Read More

Here's what Faye has to say...

Emunoair effervescent vitamin tablets are super packed with Vitamins, Minerals Amino Acids and really powerful Herbs from what I’ve been reading, taking supplements that use effervescence to deliver their active ingredients increases the benefit of the supplement…I LOVE THESE”

Sally says, FANTASTIC...

IT WORKS!! I would highly recommend these super immune boosting vitamins, herbs and high strength vitamin C. I was so surprised by the energy boost I got, I really was, all in all a great product at a great price. FANTASTIC.

Steve's a BIG FAN

I seemed to always suffer from colds until I came across this product. So many immune boosting Vitamins, Herbs, Amino Acid and High Strength Vitamin C that does exactly what it says on the packaging. SEE FOR YOURSELF, IT WORKS!)

Cynthia says

“They’re Fantastic” I usually get sick around this time of year. This time I took an extra precaution to help fight off any sickness from colds, flu etc. EmunoAir works, I haven’t gotten sick yet!

Over 20 Scientifically Selected

Our Scientists have crafted a fusion of over 20 Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids, with High Strength Vitamin C . Each ingredient has been carefully selected to boost your immune system Naturally.



Our scientists have added a unique blend of what is believed to be the three most powerful immune and energy boosting herbs known to man. GNE3 captures the active ingredients of Echinecea, Panax Notogingseng and Hydrastis Canadensis (also known as golden seal). We’ve used the latest techniques to extracts and capture a higher percentage of the active ingredients – which ensures a highly effective measured dose is contained in each effervescent tablet ready to BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM

The immune regulating properties of Panax Notogingseng have been documented by scientists around the world. The energy boosting properties have also been lauded by users for centuries. Panax Notogingseng is a highly effective natural root known to have potentiation on improving energy and metabolism.

The well known and much understood immunodulatory and Antioxidant properties of Echinacea is the reason why Millions of people worldwide reach for its benefits time and time again. Emunoair delivers more in each effervescent tablet giving the important boost to your immune system that you've been looking for.

Used for centuries by cultures around the world Goldenseal is a highly effective natural herb having Antiflammatory, Antibiotic and Astringent properties. Emunoair delivers more in each effervescent tablet, helping you fight off illness. This means that you may probably feel better much faster than otherwise would be the case.




The Shocking Truth Behind 58+ Natural Immune Boosters. Scientists Reveal All… FREE!

This scientific report gives detail and insight into the power that select foods have in boosting your immune system naturally. Grab your copy today FREE!

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